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Why are avocados from Mexico? 5 foods from other countries

Why are avocados from Mexico

Here in Canada, we grow lots of great food, from Prince Edward Island potatoes to British Columbia blueberries and much, much more! All this produce is available across the country seasonally. But there are certain foods that can’t grow in Canada, so those foods are shipped from other countries. Let’s look at some of those foods now.

Oranges grow on citrus trees in subtropical climates. Some countries that produce oranges are Brazil, Spain and the US.

The avocado is a native fruit of Mexico and grows on a flowering plant in tropical and subtropical climates. Most avocados come from Mexico, but Peru and Southern California can also grow them.

Like oranges, lime is a fruit that grows on citrus trees in warm climates. Some of the countries that produce the most limes are India, Mexico and China.

Mangoes grow on tropical trees native to South Asia, but now they’re produced in many places around the world. Mexico, Brazil and Peru are a few of the biggest mango suppliers.

Coconuts grow on coconut trees, which prefer lots of sunlight, humidity and regular rainfall to grow. Some countries that produce coconuts are Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam.

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