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Is This Fruit Ripe?


7 cool tricks to try with your favourite fresh fruits

Have you ever eaten a sour strawberry or had a slice of tasteless watermelon? We probably all have! Usually when fruit doesn’t taste juicy and sweet, it’s because they haven’t ripened fully. Here are some fun ways to test whether your favourite fruits are at their most delicious.

Crisp, juicy apples come in so many different shapes and sizes! The tastiest apples are bright in colour and feel firm when you squeeze them. Any apples that have brown spots that feel mushy might be overripe.

Does your orange feel light or heavy when you pick it up? A ripe orange should feel heavy for its size and tender when you squeeze it. Then look for wrinkles on the skin — the more wrinkles, the better!

Yes, avocado is a fruit! It’s not juicy or super sweet like other fruit, but is still equally delicious. The best avocados have green skin and aren’t too firm. If you press your finger into the skin and it gives a little, it’s good to eat.

Plump, bright red strawberries may look perfect for snacking, but might not always taste sweet. The best way to check is with a smell test: take a small sniff! If it smells sweet, dig right in.

To check if a banana is ripe, just look at the skin. Green colour means it’s not fully ripe. Yellow colour means you can eat it! If there are brown spots on the banana, it has ripened even more and will have a softer texture and taste sweeter.

Peach, Mango and Pear
Do these yummy fruits have a sweet aroma when you smell it? That’s good. Give them a bit of a squeeze too —the tastiest peaches, mangos and pears should feel not too firm and not too soft. If it gives a little when you touch it, then it’s ripe.

A fun way to check if a watermelon is ripe is doing the tap test. Using your knuckles, tap firmly on the outside of the watermelon and listen to the sound it makes; if it makes a thud sound, it’s not ripe yet. But if it sounds like the inside is hollow, it’s ready to eat!

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