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Eating etiquette around the world

Eating etiquette around the world

Table manners can vary from country to country. Here in Canada it’s common for people to eat their food with a knife and fork, but there are some cultures that would consider using cutlery weird or even rude! Here are some different eating customs around the world that you might find interesting.

Ethiopians only eat with their right hands, using a bread called injera, to scoop up the shared food. But they never lick food off their fingers because it’s considered unsanitary, like double-dipping!

In some countries, slurping your noodle soup is considered rude. But in Japan, the louder you slurp the more appreciation you’re showing the chef for the delicious meal.

Like Canadians, Brazilians use a knife and fork to eat meals, but with one difference: Brazilians always hold the knife in the right hand and the fork in the left hand. Most food is eaten this way, including even hamburgers and pizza.

In India, friends and family try to eat at the same pace as one another. It’s considered impolite to eat a meal either too quickly or too slowly. Everyone eats their meal until it’s completely finished to not waste any food.

South Korea
Koreans wait for the eldest person at the dining table to start eating first before digging in themselves. Friends and family must remain at the table until the eldest person has finished their meal.

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