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Nutrition Activities for kids

Ever wanted to know how to properly read a food label? What foods provide fuel and others that will drain your energy? Get the lowdown with handy tips and tricks every chef should know!

  • 01.Getting Started

    Every great dish has to start somewhere! In this module we’ll provide you with the knowledge needed to follow a recipe.

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  • 02.Chef Skills I

    Being a great chef involves a lot more than having a stylish apron! In this module we’ll teach you 5 key kitchen skills and will give you the lowdown on using kitchen equipment and appliances safely.

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  • 03.Healthy Choices

    A chef’s goal? To make every dish delicious and nutritious. In this module we’ll help you think critically about nutrition choices and to set goals about your own nutrition.

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  • 04.Planning Ahead

    A super chef is one that’s prepared. In this module we’ll encourage you to use your nutrition knowledge to practice planning meals.

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  • 05.Where Does Our Food Come from?

    Unlike money, food does grow on trees. But it also comes from the ground and from various animals too! In this module, we’ll encourage you to gain an understanding of the origin of delicious ingredients and to appreciate food production pathways like farm to table.

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  • 06.Chef Skills II

    Hungry to learn more? We thought so. In this module we’ll teach you 5 more new kitchen skills!

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  • 07.Getting Creative

    A great chef can follow a recipe to the letter, but can also follow their instincts. In this module we’ll give you the tools to understand recipes as guidelines, and to also use your own tastes and creativity to make appropriate substitutions.

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  • 08.Celebrating with Food

    Every dish tells a story. Our world is filled with amazing chefs, inspiring cultures and delicious food. In this module we’ll encourage you to learn about recipes and foods from diverse communities locally, nationally and globally and to explore and share your own relationships with food.

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